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• Machine Learning📈
• Data Science💻
• Table Tennis🏓
• Drumming🥁
• Speed Cuber🧩 (40s)
• Robotics🤖
• Travelling🏔️ & Running🏃‍♂️

Paras Varshney is a Data Scientist at LogicAI and an Ex-Data Scientist at IISc. Bangalore, under Society of Innovation & Technology(SID), where he is working on the Research & Development for building data exchange platform for smart cities. Paras has recently received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. At Kaggle, Paras has achieved a Master tier with 2 gold and 12 silver medals with the highest world ranking of 186 out of 138,000+ data scientists. He also loves writing and his works are published Towards Data Science(TDS). Apart from that, he also helps junior coders develop programming skills through an online collaborative-based classroom environment. Not only the tech stuff, paras love to play guitar & drums and also do speedcubing. He has represented in state-level Table Tennis in UP and played a few zonals. Paras loves traveling and exploring new things.

Since I was a kid👦, becoming a scientist👨‍🔬 has been my dream. I used to experiment🥼 with things a lot and bring out some amazing observations📜 out of them. I still remember when I was a kid I used to open up gadgets⚙️ to make something new out of them.

This passion brought me to study at IIITK🏫, where we give huge importance to design💡 thinking🤔💭 and creativity🖊️.With all the resources available I learned programming🖥️, higher mathematics📈, algorithms👨‍💻 and the art of machine learning🤖 where I used to experiment with data📊 and code to make something new every day.

In my professional career👨‍💼, this passion stays with me all the time and brought to me the dedication to achieve🎯 what I am looking for. This being the tip of an iceberg🏔️, there is still a long way to go and learn📖 from each step in life. I wish to follow this passion for my entire life.

Experience 👨‍💼

LogicAI, Poland

Data Scientist

Developing end-to-end flow for 13 global data science competitions under the ”KaggleDays World Championship”. Preparing open-source modules and data processing with state-of-the-art training and testing solution pipelines for 13 global championships on Kaggle. Developing frameworks for automating the data flow process in a strict competitive environment.

  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Data Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Competition Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Community Building

India Urban Data Exchange, IISc Bangalore

Data Scientist

Working on a research project initiated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore called “India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) is an open-source data exchange software platform.

  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • H2o
  • Tableau
  • Superset
  • Git

Illumnus Education, Pune

Mobile Engineer & Data Science Intern

Illumnus is building a SaaS-based cloud ecosystem for educational institutes on the Android platform for Real-time Collaboration. Implemented Search Engine, Optimized Push Notifications using GCM & Firebase, Assignment Creating, Submission & Grading, Optical Bar code Detector, Performance Data Analysis & Administration Visualizations. Built a Recommendation System for teachers to get content sharing recommendations for students based on their teaching pattern.

  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • API
  • Git
  • Firebase
  • MVVM
  • Analytics
  • Recommendation System

Magicbricks, Noida

Android Developer Intern

At Magicbricks I have worked as an Android Developer Intern mentored by Mr. Dhiraj Kumar. Contributed to the Text Recognition Classified in Magicbricks Android Application. Major work fields include Optical Character Recognition API, Location Tracking, Map Clustering, AutoComplete API, Canvas Animations, Battery Usage Optimization, Android Permissions library, Deep Link and Firebase.

  • Java
  • Android Studio
  • API
  • Git
  • Gradle
  • Firebase
  • Computer vision

Education 🏫

Northeastern University

Sept 2022 - April 2024

Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering

Indian Institute of Information Technology

July 2016 - June 2020

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering

Radiant Stars English School

April 2013 - April 2015

Senior Secondry School

Our Lady of Fatima School

April 2001 - April 2013

Higher Secondry School

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